Italian race Cane Corso is member of group molossoid breeds. It's straight descendant of roman fighting dogs called Canis Pugnax, these dogs were used ,apart of fighting, also for matches in arenas against other animals. After the downfall of roman imperium this breed was used still for fighting, but sometimes was used for hunting, as the herdsman dog and as the watch-dogs what didn't change to this century , when in couse of penetrative changes of methods of economy was close to disappear. The history of the name Cane Corso is not clear, word Cane contains dog (from latin word Canis), word Corso come probably from greek word Krotos, which contains "yard". It could be said, that the Cane Corso means dog for belongings-watching . For this breeds ar echarasteristic properities as loyalty, duty, strenght, mettle and bravery, which were fostered for ages. Dog is fully loyal to his owner and family and he can carry possible change very hard. The belongings-watching and loving his owner he have noticed in his genetic code and for this purpose is not important his training. To incomers isn't much friendly and is controling the situation. Dog, which isn't exercised badly isn't cruel and doesn't atack anyone, only in danger, than the attack is strong and uncomrpomising. The "Canies" are friendly and they don't mind polish or caress,they love children. After the second world war was this breed very close to extinct. In 1976 professor Bonatti and professor Casolino got with big troubles a few last dogs from farms in intalian province Foggia and they decided to regenerate this breed. It took long time to get historic facts about the race, which were important to make a standard. In 1987 was described the first standard by Dr. Morsiani and in 1989 was founded breed book of Cane Corso. In few last years the dog began to spraid from Italy to other countries (Germany, France, Russia, USA, Canada, Belgium, Czech republic, Hungary, Slovakia). Its favour is rising especially for its good properities and ability to learn quickly and ability to learn very dificult exercises. Race Cane Corso was in 1996 registered by FCI